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5 Rules to Follow When Bra Shopping

Finding the perfect bra often turns into a dauntig challenge, particularly when the shopper forgets to follow a few basic guidelines

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Here is a look at the five most important steps that you should follow

Get Fitted

Knowing the measurements is more than half of the battle. Free bra fittings are offered throughout the year at many locations. Take advantage of one of them to find out which measurements you should be using to select your bras.

Know Where Your Breasts Should Sit

Every bra that you wear should position your breasts so that they are centered between your elbows and your shoulders. The bra should also hold your breasts about one inch apart from each other.

Find a Bra That Provides Stability

Your bra sould fit snugly so that it can provide the support needed by your breasts. An ill-fitting bra can lead to back or shoulder pain. The bottom band of the bra should fit tightly beneath your breasts. To check if it is tight enough, see how many fingers you can fit between the band and your body. If you can place more than two fingers there, then the band isn’t tight enough.

Fit the Bra to Your Clothing

If you are bra shopping for a particular outfit, it is best to wear those clothes while you do your shopping. Trying on a bra beneath a tight-fitting shirt is different to putting it on undemeath a loose-fitting t-shirt. If you don’t have the outfit on, then think about where the neckline fals.

Make Allowances for Changes in the Bra’s Fabric

No matter how much money you pay for a bra, eventually the fabric is going to lose its initial tightness and become looser when you wear it. The best way to avoid this type of problems is to purchase a bra that fits best on the loosest hook setting. If the bra does stretc out, you can always select a tighter fit by choosing one of the other hook settings.

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